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Healthy mind in healthy body.

Τhe art of harmony, power and spirit.

Welcome to the Greek Hapkido Association!

Since Hapkido is a traditional Korean martial art, aiming at the development of the practitioners’ body and mind capabilities, the purpose of the Greek Hapkido Association is to preserve the original techniques and the true spirit of power and harmony of Hapkido, as it has passed from generation to generation and from teacher to student, reaching us through Grand Master Κwang Sik Myung.

The Greek Hapkido Association is the only organization in Greece that can guarantee for continuous training and support in every aspect, as a member of the World Hapkido Federation (WHF). All those who wish to learn and teach the art of Hapkido with seriousness and morality, are welcome at the Greek Hapkido Association. We wish you all good health, fruitful training and personal development to the highest degree!

Thank you

GHA President

Vagelis Thanos



Years have passed since the word “Hapkido” was spoken in Greece for the first time. Since then, there have been many attempts for its spreading throughout our country. Many self-proclaimed Hapkido “missionaries” made their appearance, and others tried to establish new fighting styles; most of these people retreated silently in the end. Alliances, feuds, personal ambitions and malevolent intentions often
blackened Hapkido’s image.

My tolerance was badly impacted by disappointment. My eagerness to offer to the art was answered to and blocked by selfishness, hidden motives, and other people’s insecurities. Needless to say,  at the same time I grew more and more stubborn.

There is no room for exploitation, modifications or “personal touch” in traditional Hapkido. It cannot be distorted through the lens of people who try to present things differently from what they really are. Traditional Hapkido consists of a whole philosophy that is not easily defeated or spoiled. Remaining pure in a few people’s minds and souls, it survives and leans forward towards the future which is a universal society that has a lot to learn and adopt, consciously or not, from the eastern Asian culture.

After years of trying to maintain the teaching of Hapkido at the highest level, because it deserves so, trying to follow the steps of great Hapkido Masters, trying to ignore or even fight many distractions, I managed to approach traditional Hapkido and deliver it to my students as pure as I can. I walked away from petty situations, avoided many traps, made mistakes of my own but never let a day pass without trying to live up to what Hapkido represents: Knowing thyself. I managed to organize a core of respected colleagues and together we established a carrier, a protective shield for traditional Hapkido. All these situations led us to what we proudly represent today under the name “Greek Hapkido Association”.

As the Greek Hapkido Association’s president,  I wholly wish that my dreams would find supporters; people who believe in the same things I do and will be touched by my aspirations, and thus their students, and everyone in turn, to embrace the Greek Hapkido Association’s vision.

Evangelos Thanos,                                                                              May 2006,

President of the Greek Hapkido Association


16th Greek Hapkido Seminar 2016

The WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION™ is proud to announce “HAPKIDO REVELATIONS” – an Open International Seminar – conducted by one of the most iconic figures in martial arts, GRANDMASTER HWANG IN SHIK.

Hwang In Sik Seminar

As a pioneer of martial arts, in both Hong Kong cinema and Hapkido for the last 60 years, Grandmaster Hwang’s technical virtuosity and brilliant insights will be on display for a rare two day teaching session: Friday, May 20th and Saturday, May 21st.

He will delve into Hapkido’s history, its interpretation from the past, and its application for the future. On Hapkido technique, he says “Let’s look at what works; we don’t want to walk into a tiger’s cave, and yet many of the techniques involve this!” The seminar will be an enlightening exposition on Ki power, and the modernization of Hapkido.

Wednesday, May 18th will also involve the European premiere of his own documentary, revealing his approach and methodology, followed by an open Q&A session with demonstrations.


Grandmaster Hwang’s partnership with the WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION continues a dynamic frontier on the martial arts landscape, furthering its tradition as Hapkido’s first world-wide organization

TEL :0030 6944793739

Hwang In-shik

Hwang In-shik (also Whang Ing-sik, born September 13, 1940) is one of the foremost Korean hapkido teachers today. A great popularizer of the art in Asia through his work in the Hong Kong based films of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Angela Mao, he is known nevertheless as one of the top teachers of the art and was eventually awarded a 10th degree black belt, the highest rank possible in the art, by the World Hapkido Association.

Early years

Born in Sunch’ŏn, north of Pyongyang in present-day North Korea, Hwang In-shik and his family moved to Seoul while he was still a young child and it was there that he was first exposed to the martial arts, first to Tang Soo Do and then, when he was 13 years old, to the art of Korean hapkido.

Hwang identifies his teacher as Choi Yong-sool, the founder of the art. According to Kim Hyung-sang of the Ulchikwan dojang Hwang’s first teacher was Kim Yong-jin. Hwang In-shik achieved his black belt grading at age 16 and was sent shortly thereafter to the Korea Hapkido Association headquarters presided over by Ji Han-Jae. A very important time in the history of the development of the art, many of the prime movers in hapkido today were his seniors there including Han Bong-soo, Kim Chong-sung and Myung Kwang-sik. Hwang was known in particular at this time for his superlative kicking ability.

He was eventually promoted to 7th dan in 1976 by the Republic of Korea Hapkido Association (Dae Han Min Gook Hapkido Hyub Hwe) and was appointed as chief instructor for the association headquarters. In this capacity he became an influential and well known teacher of the art.

Connections to Hong Kong cinema

Hong Kong film maker Huang Feng brought Hung Chin-pao (Sammo Hung), Jackie Chan, Tang Wei-cheng, Hu Yin-yin, Mao Ying (Angela Mao), Chang Yi and Chin Hsiang-lin to Seoul for location shooting in 1972. Huang Feng was also looking for impressive new techniques to infuse into the Hong Kong action sequences and so had his stars train at the Korea hapkido headquarters for about four months under Hwang and KHA leader Ji Han-jae.

Many of the impressive kicking techniques we see in Hong Kong cinema today are a result of the cross cultural influence of this time. Hung Chin-pao had a particular affinity for the training and some of his signature techniques such as his jumping double front kick come directly from the hapkido syllabus.

Very impressed by the talents of the hapkido-ists both Hwang In-shik and Ji Han-jae were invited by Huang Feng to come to Hong Kong to develop a film idea inspired by the director’s experiences in Korea. The film, made in 1972, was titled Hapkido and is known abroad under the English title Lady Kung-fu.  It starred Angela Mao, Sammo Hung and Carter Wong (Huang Chia-da).

In the film, both Ji and Hwang basically play themselves, hapkido master and foremost student teaching the art to a group Chinese students. In this and subsequent films such as Fist of Unicorn (1973) we are treated to displays of Ji’s impressive jointlocking and throwing ability and Hwang’s equally impressive kicking skills.

Hwang went on to star in his own right in a number of films, the first stage of his career ending after the death of Bruce Lee who Hwang had been in talks with concerning a part in the Game of Death the week that Lee died. (Hwang had also appeared briefly in an unflattering role in Bruce Lee’s Way of the Dragon in 1972, oddly as a Japanese karate expert.) Hwang returned to Korea, and for the next few years starred in a series of Korean martial arts movies, including A Wandering Hero, Black Leopard and Black Spider.Hwang then immigrated to Canada and opened up a dojang in the city of Toronto for all intents and purposes retiring from the cinema.

Later Jackie Chan, a stuntman from Hwang’s early films, successfully rose to prominence in the Hong Kong film world and managed to coax Hwang out of retirement to make the most popular Hong Kong film of the day The Young Master (1980), featuring in its original form a 15-minute fight scene between Chan and Hwang, and Dragon Lord (1982), where Hwang also played a villain with fantastic fighting skills over which the hapless Chan must overcome.

All of the above films contain a great deal of Korean hapkido and did much to promote the name of the art in both Hong Kong and back in Korea where the Chinese films were also enjoyed.



A.C. Argiroupolis was established in 1984 at 23 Kyprou St., Argiroupoli, Athens, along with the Action Fitness Center, which is the oldest and most reliable Fitness Center in the area. Contact Τel.:(+30) 210 9938401

We teach:

  •  The Olympic Sport Tae Kwon Do of theW.T.F.
  •  The authentic form of the Korean martial art Hapkido of the World Hapkido Federation.

It is the senior and major dojang of T.K.D. in Argiroupoli, certified by the Secretariat of Athletics and the Greek T.K.D. Federation as well as by the World Hapkido Federation.

It boasts many successes in the Greek Championships in T.K.D. and was awarded many times by the local authorities for its constant and great victories. After a recent survey, it was designated as the most populous Hapkido dojang in Greece.

Training Groups For Tae Kwon Do:

  • children
  • teenagers
  • adults
  • fighting

For Hapkido:

  • adults

Master Vangelis Thanos

Master Vangelis Thanos, 7th Dan in WHF Hapkido and 8th Dan in WTF Tae Kwon Do, is a personal student of  Grand Master Kwang Sik Myung, the Regional Director of WHF for Eastern Europe and the Middle East and the President of the Greek Hapkido Association. He has been training in martial arts since 1975, deepening his knowledge next to internationally respected teachers, such as Master An Hen Ki (Tae Kwon Do) and Grand Master Kwan Sik Myung (Hapkido). Ηe has participated and taught in many seminars in Greece and abroad. As a qualified trainer of the Secretariat of Athletics, with responsibility and integrity he has been teaching students for more than 25 years, focusing in spiritual as well as technical progress, and training many champions. He is an official examiner of the Greek Federation of Tae Kwon Do and an international referee. In his training programmmes he combines the philosopnhy of martial arts and eastern traditions with modern training and physiology principles, thus becoming one of the most significant martial arts’ teachers in Greece.

    • * 8th Dan Tae Kwon Do    
    • * 6th Dan Hapkido      
    • * 4 times Greek Champion                                                                                 
    • * International Trainer
    • * International Judge of the European and World Tae Kwon Do federation  
    • * Certified Trainer (category Β) of the General Secretariat of Athletics       
    • * Teacher in Trainers’ Camps of the General Secretariat of Athletics 
    • * President of the Technical Committee of the Greek Tae Kwon Do Federation * Official Dan Examiner of the Greek Tae Kwon Do Federation
    • * Official Examiner in Greece of the World Hapkido Federation (W.H.F.)
    • * President of the Greek Hapkido Association
    • WHF Regional Director for Eastern Europe & the Middle East

*The better form of self defense

*The path of harmony, strength and spirit

*10.000 different techniques, reversals, kicks and weapons

*Power and energy through a series of breathing exercises

Hapkido Program
Monday 9.30-10.30 a.m. 8.00-9.00 p.m 10.00-11.00 p.m.
Tuesday 7.00-8.00 p.m.
Wednesday 9.30-10.30 a.m. 8.00-9.00 p.m. 10.00-11.00 p.m.
Thursday 7.00-8.00 p.m.
Friday 9.30-10.30 a.m. 10.00-11.00 p.m.

Κυκλος σεμιναριων για νεους και παλιους εκπαιδευτες

Τα σεμινάρια απευθύνονται σε όλους τους εκπαιδευτές, από οποιοδήποτε στυλ πολεμικής τέχνης που ενδιαφέρονται να το διδάξουν στις σχολές τους.

Το σεμινάριο είναι προγραμματισμένο για το προσεχές Σαββατοκύριακο ( 28-29 Νοεμβρίου2015), στην Αργυρούπολη.

«Η ΠΕΧ είναι ο μόνος φορέας στην Ελλάδα που μπορεί να εγγυηθεί τη συνεχή εκπαίδευση και υποστήριξη σε κάθε επίπεδο, ως μέλος της Παγκόσμιας Ομοσπονδίας Χαπκίντο (World Hapkido Federation). Όλοι όσοι θέλουν να μάθουν και να διδάξουν την τέχνη του Χαπκίντο με ήθος και σοβαρότητα, είναι ευπρόσδεκτοι», τόνισε ο πρόεδρος της Ένωσης, master Βαγγέλης Θάνος.


Greek Hapkido Association

Φλέμινγκ 6, Αργυρούπολη

21 0993 8401-6944793739



ΤΗΛ. 2695100390
ΚΙΝ. 6948200472


3 DAN TAEKWONDO WTF – Διπλωματούχος προπονητής Taekwondo WTF από την European Taekwondo Union (ETU).
1 DAN HAPKIDO WHF – Πιστοποιημένος εκπαιδευτής Hapkido WHF από την Πανελλήνια Ένωση Χαπκίντο (ΠΕΧ).

Ξεκίνησα την ενασχόληση μου με τις πολεμικές τέχνες με το Taekwondo σε ηλικία 13 ετών στη Ζάκυνθο, με διακρίσεις τόσο σε διασυλλογικά όσο και πανελλήνια πρωταθλήματα. Σπούδασα προπτυχιακά Πληροφορική στο ΤΕΙ Αθήνας και μεταπτυχιακά στο Πανεπιστήμιο Πειραιώς στο τμήμα Ψηφιακών Συστημάτων. Ταυτόχρονα, εξακολούθησα να προπονούμαι στο Taekwondo κοντά στον Δάσκαλο Κωνσαντίνο Τζιδημόπουλο, ενώ ασχολήθηκα και με άλλες πολεμικές τέχνες μιας και η δίψα για γνώση του χώρου, των διαφορετικών συστημάτων και των δυνατοτήτων τους, ήταν και παραμένει ακόρεστη… Ετσι, διδάχθηκα Aikido στον Πανελλήνιο Γυμναστικό Σύλλογο, Kung Fu και Wing Chun στο Δάσκαλο Tang Tung Wing και Hapkido στο Δάσκαλο Μάστερ Βαγγέλη Θάνο.

Το 2013 συνίδρυσα στη Ζάκυνθο τον Αθλητικό Σύλλογο “Αλκίμαχος Ζακύνθου” όπου εκ τοτε είμαι προπονητής/εκπαιδευτής στα τμήματα Taekwondo και Hapkido του συλλόγου.