On the 4th, 5th & 6th of May, the World Hapkido Federation (WHF) in collaboration with the Greek Hapkido Association (GHA), successfully completed the WHF International Seminar & Leadership Conference – 2012 at Argyroupolis Indoor Gym in Athens, Greece. Hapkido, with its emphasis on philosophy, technically incorporates joint locks, striking, kicking, throwing, choking and the use of weapons, in a realistic and effective manner. Master Tim Shin, 7th Dan and Technical Director of WHF, analytically demonstrated Basic & Attack techniques, Throwing & Falling techniques and Rope techniques. Master Jason Mix, 6th Dan and USA West Coast Regional Director of WHF, demonstrated Middle Staff techniques (Jung Bong) and theory and applications regarding the dynamic expression of Ki power through the means of the human body, in relation to the Five Elements.

Τhe participation was impressive, with more than seventy students and instructors, as well as Masters from eight countries worldwide (Canada, USA, Russia, Puerto Rico, Chile, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece). During the conference which took place in parallel with the seminar, Master Roe Jai Myung, the son and successor of Grand Master Kwang Sik Myung (one of the greatest and most respected martial arts’ teachers worldwide) shared his vision for WHF. Issues regarding the organization and the future of the World Hapkido Federation were discussed and the new charter certificate was signed.

GHA president and Regional Director of the WHF for Eastern Europe, Master Evangelos Thanos, in charge of the seminar’s organization, deeply appreciated the effort and enthusiasm that the participants showed during the long hours of practice for the three days of the seminar, where they had the privilege to be instructed personally by all the masters. At the end of the seminar certificates of participation as well as Dan certificates were awarded. Audiovisual material from the seminar will soon be released at the World Hapkido Federation and the Greek Hapkido Association sites

(www.hapkidogreece.com and http://worldhapkidofederation.com).

Thank you!