16th Greek Hapkido Seminar 2016

The WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION™ is proud to announce “HAPKIDO REVELATIONS” – an Open International Seminar – conducted by one of the most iconic figures in martial arts, GRANDMASTER HWANG IN SHIK.

Hwang In Sik Seminar

As a pioneer of martial arts, in both Hong Kong cinema and Hapkido for the last 60 years, Grandmaster Hwang’s technical virtuosity and brilliant insights will be on display for a rare two day teaching session: Friday, May 20th and Saturday, May 21st.

He will delve into Hapkido’s history, its interpretation from the past, and its application for the future. On Hapkido technique, he says “Let’s look at what works; we don’t want to walk into a tiger’s cave, and yet many of the techniques involve this!” The seminar will be an enlightening exposition on Ki power, and the modernization of Hapkido.

Wednesday, May 18th will also involve the European premiere of his own documentary, revealing his approach and methodology, followed by an open Q&A session with demonstrations.

READ HIS FULL BIOGRAPHY http://hapkidogreece.com/hwang-in-shik/

Grandmaster Hwang’s partnership with the WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION continues a dynamic frontier on the martial arts landscape, furthering its tradition as Hapkido’s first world-wide organization

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