Dear athletes,friends and members of Greek Hapkido Association,

Greek Hapkido Association are happy to inform you that the 17th Greek Hapkido Seminar will take place on 22 April, Saturday from 17.00pm to 21.00pm and 23 April, Sunday from 10.00am to 14.00pm, at the Closed Gymnasium of Argyroupoli, Tripoli Str.

Who have already been members of GHA or of any other fighting sports -over the age of 12- can take part in this particular event.
Moreover, anyone who wishes to initiate himself into the unique art of Hapkido will be able to do so as no previous experience or involvement is required.

Instructor and performer of the seminar will be Master Vaggelis Thanos, President of GHA & Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Middle East, (7th Dan HKD, 8th Dan TKD), and he will perform on Hapkido Punching, Striking and Kicks, One Hand Techniques & Attack Techniques.

The cost of the seminar has been estimated to 50 euros individually while Certificates of Participation as well as T-shirts with the logotype of the 17th Greek Hapkido Seminar on, will be distributed to every participant by the GHA.

You are kindly requested to register in time – no longer than the 07/04/2017 -as for the seminar to be held properly.

If any further information or clarification is needed, please feel free to contact Master Vaggelis Thanos.

Thanking you in advance for your support and participation.I look forward to hearing from you at you earliest convenience.

On behalf of Greek Hapkido Association,

Yours faithfully,

Vaggelis Thanos.